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Welcome to one family four backpacks, our first foray into the world of blogging and a means of documenting our family's journey into making our dreams of home educating our boys around the world a reality. We wanted to share our journey with you, from the planning stage right through to the exciting adventures we hope to have.  We hope to share useful tips along the way, and as well as providing highlights we want to be honest about the challenges too! This whole journey is a big step into trust and the unknown, but we are confident that it is the right thing for us to do as a family.  We would love our story to inspire others, and we are aiming to create a network of virtual support with like minded people so if you like what you see then please do comment, like and share!

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It takes a village...

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the world’s greatest planner when it comes to thinking into the future. In all honesty I couldn’t tell you what we are doing on the weekend. In fact I am certainly guilty of taking the ‘mañana’ approach to life in general. I usually get to four steps of the stairs being piled jenga style with my bills, books, keys, and whatever else before a friendly nudge from Rachel asking whether I’m ever going to take them up. Of course I then proceed to dump them all in my man draw, to be sorted ‘mañana’.

At Christmas time we decided to put the trike back up the loft until Spring…well Spring is now just around the corner so it seems like a futile task now, right? Anyway you get my drift, so this post acknowledges the organiser, the planner, the thinker and the doer of this relationship without whom one of us would have broken some bones by tripping on my pile of stuff on the stairs by now.

Cub number 1 has now reached the age where come September his group of nursery friends will be going to school. We missed the school deadline (not down to one of my mañana moments) but down to a conscious decision to go down the home education route certainly for the next couple of years at least. Now September for me (as you can probably guess) feels ages away, so it’s a good job that Rachel is already giving real thought and intention as to how we manage Cub number 1’s ‘transition’ from nursery to home education.

Home schooling for us is not about our children sitting at home, isolated, with us taking on the role of faux teachers. It is an opportunity for our children to enrich their life experiences through play, nature and nurturing their general curiosity in a less formal setting.

We have an amazing group of friends, who have done what they feel is best for their kids in terms of education (that’s all any of us can do isn’t it?) and whilst they are eagerly awaiting their school placements, Rachel has had to step out of her comfort zone to reach out and build a new network of other home-edders. This network is to sustain us during this chapter of our life prior to embarking on our travels in a year or two, which is of course the whole reason we created One Family Four Backpacks.

There is a wonderful and well-cited African proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. Rachel has been putting a lot of energy into creating/joining a community of parents who are also embarking on the home education journey. Not only has this provided support for us, it also allows Jacob to still get a sense of belonging and hopefully he won't be feeling different come September for not going to school.

I have real admiration for this, and as we know by virtue of my collection of random stuff up the stairs, and the ever present trike, if this had been down to me, very little would have been done by now. Ok, nothing would have been done. So I just wanted to acknowledge Rachel, as well as all the other planners, doers and creators out there. Without you we’d be screwed.


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